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IMN - About Our Company

Microsites: Above and Beyond the Promotional Email

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Mark Born
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In the world of email marketing campaigns, anything that can give your brand an edge is a must. Today, businesses that are serious about connecting with clients and prospects are going above and beyond one-dimensional, hard-sell promotional emails.

What's above and beyond? An email newsletter platform that creates customized microsites delivered by email, allowing for much deeper engagement and behavioral analysis.

Microsites encourage your email newsletter subscribers to click, navigate, and interact with content quickly and easily. Subscribers' clicks can be tracked to provide insight on where their interests really lie, helping you present offers that encourage response.

Microsites also provide rich demographic and behavioral information, enabling you to:

  • Extend your brand
  • Enhance tracking of content-related behavior
  • Maintain personalization and dynamic content
  • Enable searchable archives
  • Increase search engine prominence
  • Promote interactivity

When you combine dynamic content with the deeper engagement of microsites, you get better engaged customers for longer periods of time. The result? Deeper insights into audience behavior and interest.

By adding this extra dimension to an email campaign, you provide relevant and timely content to your readers, and you gain actionable intelligence to better inform your next sales steps and increase your odds of direct selling success!

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