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IMN - About Our Company

IMN’s Member Adviser Small Business Edition Provides New Program to Credit Unions for Attracting Small Businesses

Las Vegas - March 16, 2011 - IMN, a content-driven eCommunications company, announced the availability of Member Adviser Small Business Edition, a new program to help credit unions attract and retain small business customers, at the 2011 CUNA Marketing and Business Development Council Conference. Member Adviser Small Business Edition complements the current Member Adviser program targeted at consumers and gives credit unions a monthly marketing communications channel for acquiring, retaining and upgrading small business customers. Both Member Adviser services are accessible via email and mobile devices and can be executed with little to no resources required from credit union personnel.

Providing relevant educational content in a monthly eNewsletter format, Member Adviser Small Business Edition helps the small business owner operate more efficiently and grow their business. Topics include new products, services and technologies available to the small business as well as management methods for improving finance, tax, sales, service and marketing operations. In offering Member Adviser content to the small business owner, credit unions become a trusted advisor and position themselves to capture new services from the business when business cycles drive new financial needs.

Earlier this year, IMN announced its e-Briefings program as an easily deployed component of its REAL (Reach, Engage, Acquire, Local) series of small business marketing solutions. REAL e-Briefings are designed to help credit unions better identify and convert existing consumer relationships to "mixed" households, those with personal and small business accounts. A credit union's entire member base is invited to receive REAL e-Briefings containing concise, high value tips and information for small business, and those who accept are automatically identified as small business prospects. Member Adviser Small Business Edition can then be used to extend relationships as well as to keep the credit union in front of its small business customers and prospects.

"Credit unions must present a continuous stream of relevant content to small business customers so they remain top-of-mind when business cycles generate a need for new financial services," said Craig Capp, vice president of Banking Services for IMN. "Capturing the opportunity within the small business market is very similar to the retail customer segment. By providing financial information that educates business owners on their options, credit unions stand to profit when the business looks to finance a new vehicle, add inventory or open a new location."

IMN's REAL e-Briefings and Member Adviser Small Business Editions help credit unions to better compete for small business market share against larger competitors. A valuable market segment for financial institutions, each small business customer represents approximately $5,173 in net potential revenue per year, according to Barlow Research.