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IMN - About Our Company

IMN Launches REAL Program to Win Small Business Relationships within Existing Retail Households

WALTHAM, Mass. - January 18, 2011 - IMN, a content-driven eCommunications company, announced the availability of REAL e-Briefings as the first component of its REAL (Reach, Engage, Acquire, Local) series of small business marketing solutions. REAL e-Briefings are designed to help community banks and credit unions better identify and convert existing relationships to "mixed" households (households with personal and small business accounts) in their customer base.

REAL e-Briefings contain professionally written content that educates customers on pertinent small business financial issues, helping community financial institutions to better compete for small business market share against large banks, such as Bank of America, which recently announced its hiring of 1,000 new small business lenders. A community financial institution's entire customer base is invited to receive REAL e-Briefings, and those that accept are automatically identified as small business prospects that, once converted, become one of the institution's most profitable and loyal customers. A valuable market segment for financial institutions, each small business customer represents approximately $5,173 in net potential revenue per year, according to Barlow Research. REAL e-Briefings are sent to customers for a minimum of three months, with the option to extend or modify the program for maximum results.

"It is no secret that small businesses represent a considerably valuable market segment to community financial institutions," said Craig Capp, Vice President of Banking Services for IMN. "Research shows that a lot of a community financial institution's personal account holders own or operate small businesses and have their business accounts elsewhere. REAL e-Briefings represent the first step in helping community banks and credit unions identify and capture small business relationships from these high value prospects through valuable content that is beneficial to their operations. Capturing and retaining the complete relationship, both personal and business, generates the most profitable and loyal relationships for community financial institutions."

REAL e-Briefings represent the first steps of a program made available by IMN to help community financial institutions continue to identify and convert small business owners.